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Welcome to Imperial Award

The Imperial Award is a programme encouraging personal development through self-reflection on your experiences, recognising this on your College transcript.

More information about the benefits of the scheme, the process and support available can be found in the Student Guidance Pack


The Imperial Award is available through the Blackboard Learn (BB) catalogue. To access it you need to access the BB catalogue and:

  • Log in using your Imperial username and password (top right corner)
  • Search for the ‘Imperial Award 2023’ in the search engine (on the left)
  • Click ‘enroll now’ on Imperial Award 2023 course icon

You will then be able to access Imperial Award from Blackboard Learn alongside your other course content.

Information for students already registered

As a student currently registered on the previous format of the Imperial Award, you have a choice to:

  • Continue the Imperial Award in its previous shape until October 2024/25 (for one year). You don’t need to do anything extra if you choose this option.
  • Register for the ‘new’ Programme and start fresh by registering on Blackboard Learn as described above.

If you decide to complete the programme in its previous version, all information about the process, the attribute framework and assessment criteria can be found in the previous Student Guidance document.

For tips on reflection and producing a reflective piece, please view the previous Reflection Guide.

Submissions Schedule

Period Submissions Due Feedback Due
2023/24 - A Sunday 12 November 2023 Friday 1 December 2023
2023/24 - B Sunday 14 January 2024 Friday 2 February 2024
2023/24 - C Sunday 10 March 2024 Friday 29 March 2024
2023/24 - D Sunday 26 May 2024 Friday 14 June 2024
2023/24 - E Sunday 28 July 2024 Friday 16 August 2024
2023/24 - F Sunday 1 September 2024 Friday 20 September 2024

There are multiple submission periods available throughout the academic year. You are free to choose when you want to submit or re-submit your statements.

For more information on statement submissions, please visit our submission information guidance page.