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Training Videos

Imperial Award: A guide to self-reflection

This video explains how to get started with reflecting on your experiences for the Imperial Award.

The videos below expand on the themes from this one, providing inspirational examples and advice for your journey through the Award.

Student Experiences

In this series students Tolu and Promise explore their experiences with the Imperial Award and offer their perspective and advice:

  • Dealing with not meeting the assessment criteria

    Tolu explains how to deal with receiving ‘Needs development’ (previously ‘Not Met’) on your Imperial Award submission.

  • Developing and Reflecting on the Award Attributes

    Promise reflects on the main skills developed during his journey through the Imperial Award.

  • Lessons Learned through the Award

    Promise reflects on the lessons he learned through participating in the Imperial Award.

  • Promise’s Journey through the Award

    Promise reflects on his journey through the Imperial Award.

  • The Main Benefit of the Imperial Award

    Tolu outlines the main benefits of participating in the Imperial Award.

  • Tolu’s Journey through the Award

    Tolu reflects on her journey through the Imperial Award.

How your mindset can be transformed by your experiences

Watch the first couple of minutes of this video, to see a scientist reflecting up on the experience he had as a student which transformed his view of the way his world would be in the future. He shows a wonderful example of transformation of a mindset from ‘Western’ to ‘Global’. He gives only enough description to give the experience context, shows how personal it is, contrasts two experiences and shows the before/after (his assumptions before the experience, his transformed mindset after the experience). He pinpoints why and how he was transformed by the experience and links it directly to attaining a new mindset. The speaker is Hans Rosling, who worked on health/education/poverty-eradication schemes in Africa and for WHO. As a professor in Sweden, he wrote Factfulness (2018) which is Bill Gates’ favourite book on using evidence instead of ‘general knowledge’ to inform your view of the world.