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Imperial Award: A guide to self-reflection

How can you reflect upon the transformational impact of an experience on your mindset?

Watch the first couple of minutes of this video, to see a scientist reflecting up on the experience he had as a student which transformed his view of the way his world would be in the future. He shows a wonderful example of transformation of a mindset from ‘Western’ to ‘Global’. He gives only enough description to give the experience context, shows how personal it is, contrasts two experiences and shows the before/after (his assumptions before the experience, his transformed mindset after the experience). He pinpoints why and how he was transformed by the experience and links it directly to attaining a new mindset. The speaker is Hans Rosling, who worked on health/education/poverty-eradication schemes in Africa and for WHO. As a professor in Sweden, he wrote Factfulness (2018) which is Bill Gates’ favourite book on using evidence instead of ‘general knowledge’ to inform your view of the world.