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The first time you try self-reflection you will probably find it odd, as you will need to be critical of your personal assumptions and actions. The scientific method relies on objective analysis (facts), however reflection also relies upon subjective analysis (your own thoughts and feelings).

We have provided you with self-interview questions to help you start to think reflectively, the outcome will form the scaffolding for your reflective submission(s).

How to use this tool

To make the most of them, you will need to set aside some time to think about the answers to these questions. Spend at least five minutes per question but take more time if needed. There are no ‘correct answers’; the questions are designed for you to interpret based on your own experiences and to help you articulate how they have transformed you. Reflection involves looking beneath the surface of your own actions, questioning your own assumptions. These questions can help you move beyond description, into reflection.

Self-Reflection Questions